Why we do it.

Given the global startup and incubator/accelerator failure rates,there are apparent flaws in all entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world.And it is high time for disruptive change!

We are Imagineers

What if you could imagine a business, visualize it, that is, create a vision. Not just another mobile app, but something to change the world. And then relentlessly engineer that vision into a business together with a community of smart people. That is what we mean when we say "imagineer"!

Global Community

Truly unique, powerful and advanced startup co-op accelerator. We co-create, co-educate, co-fund and co-market. And we are all partners in every startup that comes out as a result. Meaning, no-risk serial entrepreneurship is possible:)

Partner in All Startups

Most entrepreneurs, if they are somehow successful in their initial endeavors, tend to create a series of other businesses. It is all good, but eventually they learn to fail. What if we created multiple startups together and everyone becomes partners in all? That would be a lot of fun!

Serving Own Interest

All players in current ecosystems somehow serve entrepreneurs, but ultimately they serve their own interests. Investors manage portfolios of startups, universities worry about their rankings, governments are concerned about economic growth. What if we serve our own interest?


This is our open-source constitution, so to speak. And it is work-in-progress. It lays out the reasons for why we do what we do, hence our core values. We will shortly make it publicly accessible on Github, so that we can improve it together. Join the community to contribute and get updates.

  1. As Sir Ken Robinson put it: “We don’t need evolution, we need a revolution in education!” The same applies to entrepreneurship and its education. The COOPERS community represents that desperately needed revolution at the intersection of entrepreneurship & education.
  2. We have created the COOPERS community to trigger a global movement by laying out a unique co-operative entrepreneurship business model and showcase how better we can do via collective intelligence & empowerment, both online and locally.
  3. Entrepreneurship is a vast subject that spans disruptive training & education, vision, imagineering, creativity, innovation, systems & design thinking, strategy, financing, design, engineering, and personal and interpersonal skills, most of which govern not only businesses, but the quality of our lives in general. Such a broad concept can quickly become challenging for a single person or even large teams and corporations. Our goal is to make life easier for every stakeholder involved.


Become a COOPER.

We will not only get together online, but also locally via meetups to take it to another level.


"Entrepreneurship is a performance art.

The entrepreneur is not the director of the show though.S/he is the choreographer."-Khan Kay